Social networking is not just fun and “in” for 2018—it is also a guaranteed way to get free traffic. After all, social networking is free and it means hours and hours of free publicity for your company…that is, if you can get the lingo and the “culture” (if you will) of sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The first point to understand is that social networking is not at all like sales, or even anything like your official website. When someone visits your website they want to read sales information and content about your industry and your services. However, when people are in the mood to socialize, they simply want to chat, goof off, share information, share links and stories and generally have fun.

In fact, coming across as a “company” or speaking only about things that concern you and your great products is probably going to rub people the wrong way. This is against the very nature of social networking—a place that is more like a playground or like a lunch break room than an “office.”

So, how can you use social networking to increase traffic? This is an issue that still confuses many business owners, as their pages may only receive a handful of likes and never stimulate conversation. Inevitably, the site owner wonders, what did I do wrong?

Here’s the secret: you must learn each individual social networking site, and use its unique features to draw in traffic. You must become not just part of the crowd, but part of the Facebook crowd, part of the Twitter crowd and part of the instagram crowd.