The Most Effective and Useful Blog Plugins And Widgets


Did you know that many companies had spent $40 MILLION on the creation and distribution of widgets yearly?. Why do companies spend so much on creating widgets? It is probably the fact that investment in making a good widget is much less than developing and implementing a good advertising program. So, while you develop a robust plan of promoting your blog in social media platforms, you can enhance it with attractive widgets and plugins.



Find quick and easy ways of making your blog content searchable, discoverable and SHARABLE!

These little accessories exhibit manifold benefits:

  • Enjoy higher traffic flow to your blog and convert them into loyal visitors

  • Promote your events easily and quickly to a greater number of audience

  • Increase your Facebook fans and Twitter followers

  • Boost your email newsletter statistics within a matter of days

  • Get a massive fillip in webinar registrations

  • Gather a large number of video views and white paper downloads

  • Make your blog more user friendly and populate your home page and archives with duplicate content

  • Enhance the sidebar structure of your blog in terms of design and ensure its accessibility to visitors

  • Add more value for your visitors and see your popularity rise through word-of-mouth referrals

  • Develop yourself into a brand quickly, ef¬¬fortlessly and cost effectively

  • Experience the golden word called S-U-C-C-E-S-S


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