Just because Facebook has billions of active users doesn’t mean you’ll automatically find success on the platform. If you’ve tried different combinations of ad objectives and ad creatives and nothing seems to be working, then perhaps you’re targeting the wrong crowd.

You may feel like you’ve spent far too much money just to quit cold turkey,but sometimes it’s better to cut your losses while you still can.

The good news is Facebook is not the only social media platform on the planet so you can always seek out your target audience somewhere else.

However, for those who’ve found their audience on Facebook, then know that you’ve got one of the most powerful social media tools at yourfingertips.

Facebook will not only help you drive traffic to your website, but you can literally grow an entire community on the platform.

In addition to publishing content on your brand’s fan page, you can alsocreate a Facebook group to make engaging with your audience even easier. This way, you not only establish yourself as an authority, or as a leader in your industry, you also let people know you’re ready to help themout when necessary