You’re not going to get real people to follow you if all you tweet about is yourself, your brand, or your business. People will think they’re not going tobenefit anything if they follow you.

So, what you need to do is you need to give out value first. And by value, I mean sharing nuggets of information that people can actually use in their lives or in their own business.

You can try giving away bite-size advice to address people’s pain points.You can try searching for people’s tweets about their problems.

If you can answer their questions, then try to help them and gain their trustby offering value upfront. Don’t ask them to follow you or buy your product,just give value wherever you can, and you’ll be justly rewarded for yourefforts.

When people realize just how helpful you are and how much value you add to your community, then people are going to be following you.

When you’ve amassed a good number of followers, don’t try hard selling to them as people can still hit that unfollow button in a heartbeat. To sum up, you want to give value while selling your product or service to them.